Leather JacketsIt was a hot Sunday afternoon and Gran did not want to do the traditional Sunday ride thing. She had had a little too much fun on Saturday night and did not feel very good. Too much beer will do that, and Gran did love her beer. (In a ladylike way, of course.)

But due to peer pressure she was afraid not to show up. Meeting at the favorite biker bar, everyone decided it would be nice to ride through the park that had lots of trees and curves and a high hill.

All was well and good until halfway up the hill there was a small scooter rider ahead. He couldn’t go any faster, didn’t have the power. But as he looked in his rear view mirror and saw 20 Harleys behind him, he thought it would be fun to slow them down. He started weaving back and forth and you could see him grinning in his rear view mirror. Big mistake little guy! Oil was getting hot, clutches were slipping and the big guys were getting cross. Finely one of the riders Gran identifies as J pulled up beside him and stuck his sized12 boot and over the hill the little guy went. It was quite a way down. Gran shuttered than laughed with the rest. As far as Gran knew he and his litter scooters may still lay at rest in that wooded park.

The moral of this story is always wear BOOTS when riding for safety’s sake and for emergencies of this sort.

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4 March, 2014

Biker Jacket

Coming soon more information on biker jackets.

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24 January, 2014

Black Denim Vest

More information coming on black denim vests.

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